The Accreditation ensures that the testing laboratory has all the requirements required by the standards in order to assess the product conformity.


The Accreditation is the official attestation, by an authority acting as super partes guarantor, of the competence, independence and impartiality of the testing laboratory.


The laboratory verifies products and certifies their compliance with voluntary and mandatory standards, through technical test reports.


The Accreditation of the laboratory confers to the certificates of conformity and technical test reports released on the market a high reliability in terms of quality of the products and services subjected to verification as well as guarantees their recognition on international markets.


In Italy, the accreditation authority designated by the government is Accredia.


Hammer laboratory has considered the qualified service very relevant and important to its customers. Therefore, the laboratory has adopted a quality system according to the ISO 17025 standard, achieving the first accreditation in 2008 by Accredia (Italian National Accreditation Authority).


The accreditation certificate draw up by the Accredia authority is available at the following link:


Accreditation certificate of laboratory number 0837 L

The list of accredited tests available at the headquarters A in Rho (Milano) is reported at the following link:


List of Accredited Tests for site A