About Us



Hammer laboratory was founded in 2006 in Rho (Milano), thanks to the growing necessity of technical and scientific support required by steel forging companies in the metropolitan area of Milan. In the course of time, the Hammer laboratory has become one of the most experienced and equipped Italian laboratories in carrying out experimental tests on metallic materials made for Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Engineering sectors.

All the experimental investigations carried out by the laboratory supports our customers in creating better products, saving money and time as well as minimizing the risk to safety and the environment aspects. These aims are daily pursued through continuous training of the laboratory team, guaranteed safety for operators and our visitors as well as through a robust and strong active partnership with the Politecnico di Milano.



People are the most valuable resource of the laboratory. Teamwork is the key to Hammer success. Our team is characterized by diversified skills that collaborate harmoniously and act in synergy.





The activity of the laboratory is constantly focus on providing timely, efficient and effective service. In order to give high performance in a short time, the laboratory has a wide range of equipment associated with very simple procedures supported by a smart management system. The laboratory has a real-time monitoring system of the efficiency of all the equipments based on risk assessment that allows preventive corrective maintenance.





The authority of the Hammer laboratory emerges from the collaboration with the most important national companies. The laboratory is the main reference for tests on metallic materials, product validation, failure analysis, root cause analysis as well as research and development. All laboratory activities are accompanied by clear simple exhaustive technical-scientific reports.





Hammer laboratory has considered the qualified service very relevant and important to its customers. Therefore, the laboratory has adopted a quality system according to the ISO 17025 standard, achieving the first accreditation in 2008 by Accredia (Italian National Accreditation Authority).